What is Web Spider?

Web Spider refers to automatic crawling robots Robots, is a search engine used to access the Internet on the website of automated procedures. Spiders in accordance with html syntax and format of the page to read the code filtering, income-related text. At present, search engines, like people do not read the image, Flash, video content inside. Picture of the text of the Spider is meaningless.

The world's major search engine spiders‘ names:
google spider: googlebot
baidu spider:baiduspider
yahoo spider:slurp
alexa spider:ia_archiver
msn spider:msnbot
altavista spider:scooter
lycos spider: lycos_spider_(t-rex)
alltheweb spider: fast-webcrawler/
inktomi spider: slurp

What is the Bget?

Bget is a powerful, fast and professional web data extraction software that will extract the data from any type of websites through flexible rules, therefore what you can see through the browser is also what you can get.