Web Data Extraction

Harness the power of automated data extraction. Bget is a simple, yet very powerful and highly customizable data extraction software. It does everything that others can not. Bget is the best tool available.

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The URL should be an URL with query entry or with some data you need or with directory list.
e.g. http://www.find.com/companylist.asp?p=1
The URL should NOT be a homepage, e.g. http://www.find.com

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* Data Format: Access Excel MSSQL MySQL Oracle
* Record Count: <10K 10K-100K 100K-500K >500K (1K=1000)
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Please describe your data requirements. It may include:
1. How to search or navigate to the targeted data pages
2. What data you need
The more detailed description will help us evaluate your requirements faster.

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