Web Data Extraction

Harness the power of automated data extraction. Bget is a simple, yet very powerful and highly customizable data extraction software. It does everything that others can not. Bget is the best tool available.

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We suggest you download the Share edition to have a try.

If you want to experience and test the advanced editions, download the Demo edition from here. It has all features as same as the Enterprise edition which is the highest edition, but it can not export extraction result, that is only for test.


This a lite edition, its extraction power is same as the Share edition, but no limit of extraction result count and field count. It can only save extraction result to Excel and Access.

Supports 2-layers Navigation
Span-layer Extraction (within 2 layers).
1 year free upgrade.

$300 / year


Supports Login Extraction, POST Extraction, Task Schedule, File Downloading (RAR, ZIP, PDF and all types of file). It can save extraction result to SQL Server, MySQL besides Excel and Access. Supports N-layers Navigation (no navigation limit), Span-layer Extraction (within 3 layers).

Free upgrade.
1 task building service.

$1500 / year


Includes all the features of Professional, besides these, it supports History URL, Task Queue, Extraction Result Filter. It can save extraction result to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Excel and Access or any database else with ODBC connection. Supports Span-layer Extraction completely (no layers limit).

Free upgrade.
3 tasks building service.

$3000 / year

After purchase, you will get to the page which provides the licensed editions, and then you should fill in your information, such as your name, company, email, Computer ID, etc. At last, we will send the registration code to you by email within 24 hours.

License policy of Bget (version < 6.0)

A licence of Bget can only be used in a computer, the registration code will be generated with the Computer ID which consists of the CPU and Hard Disk serial number of your computer.


How to upgrade or change Bget (version < 6.0) to another computer after free term?

After free upgrade term, just pay 15% of the price to get the latest version each time. If you are not interested in the latest version, you will continue to use your present version. After free computer change times, just pay 30% of the price to change Bget to another computer.

How to change Bget (version < 6.0) to another computer?

If you want to change the Bget licensed from the initial computer to another, you should move the Bget to the new computer and then tell us your new Computer ID we will gererate a new registration code for you.