Web Data Extraction

Harness the power of automated data extraction. Bget is a simple, yet very powerful and highly customizable data extraction software. It does everything that others can not. Bget is the best tool available.

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  Share Personal Professional Enterprise
Multi-task & Multi-threading
Continue extraction from break point
Download thumbnails
POST Extraction
Iteration Extraction
Web Proxy
Shutdown computer automatically
N-layer Navigation 2 layers No limit No limit
Login Extraction
Task Schedule
POST URL Capture
Skip layer when navigating
Page JS decoding
Save task log to file
Download attachments in content
Download pictures in content
Download flashes in content
Download single file
Detect real URL
Span-layer Extraction 2 layers 3 layers No limit
History URL
Task Queue
Run as Windows Service
Notify failures to administrator by email
Extraction Result Filter
Classify downloaded files
Starting URL date variables
Access & Excel
SQL Server
Call of stored procedure
ODBC connection
Supported plug-in interfaces Part Part Most All
Extraction limit for a task 500 items No limit No limit No limit
Data column limit 20 No limit No limit No limit
Free upgrade
Software bug feedback
Task building service 1 3
Price $0 $300 / year $1500 / year $3000 / year

* This is the price of Bget v6